Best Penis Pump wants to help you achieve your desired health goals.

We work diligently to deliver helpful, accurate, and unbiased product reviews and guides. We are committed to keeping our content free for all readers.

That being said, what we do isn’t cheap. It costs to run a site, to pay our writers and editors fairly, and it requires upfront capital to conduct detailed research, such as our study on the quality of ingredients used by various companies.

To help with these costs, Best Penis Pump has relationships with several companies in the Health and Fitness industry, and from online retailers. These relationships allow us to grow as an informational hub of all things related to maintaining our overall health and wellness.

To promote transparency, we will discuss how these relationships keep the best penis extender operating at its full potential.

  1. Best Penis Pump receives commissions from select products on select pages. Each page with an affiliate link is clearly marked. These commissions help us run our site, but our site does not exist to just earn commissions. Our writers and editors do not conduct their research with a product in mind. Instead, their research is topic-focused.
  2. Due to the nature of commissions and affiliate programs, we do not make money on a bad sell. If a reader buys a product based on our review, and then, unsatisfied, returns the product, our commission is rescinded. There is no motivation to promote products for which we are not invested and which have not been vetted by our thorough editorial process and research methodology.

To prevent biases in our published content, we have taken the following steps:

  1. Our writers, who conduct their own research, write about topics and not products. They are assigned a topic, based in part on their areas of expertise, and look to medical journals, scientific journals, clinical trials, and other primary sources to provide the most up-to-date and credible information.
  2. After hours and hours of research, drafting, and revision, the article is submitted to an editor. The editor verifies the research and checks for accuracy and clarity.
  3. Once the article has passed both the writer’s check and the editor’s check it is submitted for final approval from our in-house expert, a Certified Health Coach, who must sign off on the work before it is published.

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Last updated: 3rd August 2021