Xersizer By DX Products Ltd.

Written by – Shankar Kumar

About the brand

Xersizer is a premium brand by Dx Products Ltd. Xersizer offers three types of penis pumps scientifically engineered and designed based on individual needs.

The Goal of Xersizer is to create a male training device that uses water to generate power using a handball. It improves penile health and maintains erection.

On the other hand, Xersizer is  FDA- registered penis pump. Build with medical-grade plastic and metal.

Medical-grade quality

Free Shipping and Discreet packaging

Scientifically Engineered

2 years warrant and 60 days money-back guarantee

Our Verdict

Xersizer is a great option for those who had been searching for reliable and affordable penis pumps online. Xersizer offers a range of penis pumps from advanced level to beginner friendly.

There are 3 pumps designed as per individual specific needs. Each pump is made with, a distinct approach, features, and benefits.

Xersizer uses medical-grade plastic and metal to build the penis pump. It meets global medical device manufacturing standards.



Medical-grade build quality

 FDA-Registered device

 Scientifically engineered hydro pump

 SuperFlow valve design, maximizes water flow to create, easy to control, precise uniform pressure.

Premium-grade, body & skin-safe silicone, specially designed to produce the maximum safe pressure for the body

 2 years warranty on product quality and there is also 60 days money-back guarantee.



 No retail outlet, Purchase is made through official website only.

 Limited stocks

Products & Pricing

XerSizer Pro X

$ 149

Handball delivers power for control and effective results

XerSizer Pro 

$ 129

Delivers 35% more power for next level results


$ 109

Perfect for first-time users

In-Depth Review

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Product Name
Pump Type
Working Mechanism
Xersizer By Dx Products
Hydro Pump
Super valve, gator system and handball
3 to 9 inches
High to low level
FDA Registered
2 years of product quality and 60 days money-back policy.

Quality of the Product

The first factor I checked out on the Xersizer penis pump was the quality of it, which is honestly most important for long-term durability. The material used was medical-grade plastic and metal for maximum durability and comfort.

There are hundreds of pumps out there, that use cheap plastic material and are manufactured in large quantities to make it cheaper to sale.

But, when it comes to Xersizer, they meet global manufacturing standards.

Expected Resuts

The second thing i checked was user reviews and feedback at the official store. Are they really getting results as described by the company.

Looking at the reviews and testimonials at the official website. I found that 80% users have achieved there desired results by using the product.

One user said that the product is like exercising. If you use it regularly like we exercise in the gym.

One will see the result only when they use it regularly over a period of time. Overnight results shouldn’t be expected.

Another user wrote “Went into this a little skeptical. But after 2 months, I can see a major difference already. Wife was super skeptical as well. She was fine with my size, but now she says I’ve gained girth & length. Using this product forever! Thanks Xersizer”


When it comes to pricing the product, i really do appreciate, the Xersizer as they have introduced it at the price tag of just starting $109 which is 50% less expensive than Other brands out there.

There are 3 pumps offered by Xersizer under the name Xersizer Pro X also the most premium product which comes at just $149.

Second is Xersizer Pro at $129

and Third is Xersizer which is for first time users at $109 only.

There are multiple brands out there selling penis pumps online but non can give a hydro penis pump at this price point. Also, Xersizer is  FDA registered device.


Working Principles


Xersizer is a hydro penis pump, which means it uses water instead of air to generate power. It is a fact, that water is thicker than air while generating power.

There is a superflow valve, a vessel, gator, and a handball that helps in generating and creating pressure inside the cylinder.

The handball is used to maximize or minimize pressure simply by squeezing the handball pump.

It also include comfort pad that safeguards the penis and provides support.

All the accessories are built with global medical standards and are durable for a longer period.


Warranty and Money-back policy


Xersizer has a standard warranty of 2 years across its all products. If the product got broken for whatever reason but, it should not be broken intentionally.

There is also a 60-days money-back policy on working of the product where the company gives the users 60 days to try the product risk-free. If it works then it’s great otherwise you always have option to return the product within 60 days.

Note – Before applying for refund or return request do visit company ‘s return policy page to get the most accurate and updated information.

Customer support email – support@xersizer.com